So, I really liked the speed and user experience of antiX up until I tried to get the Dropbox daemon to work on it properly. My plan with the netbook is to demo web-based applications running on Apache and postgreSQL. These both have problems under Ubuntu Or, why settle for Windows when you can have the whole house for free. Submit a new link. The single thing that may be frightening and confusing when you install a Linux distro on a computer with another OS on it already, is that you may to create a separate partition for it on your harddisk [and another one for the memory swap].

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You can do this change yourself.

I was going to say guake is helpful too, but actually not any more than msi u100 linux other distro. Moving the Minimise, Maximise and Close buttons to the right. For other providers replace the pp. Visit the following links: It can also be run by just typing veracrypt in a terminal. I did some reading, tinkering, and altering of python scripts to try to get msi u100 linux host url to link the device This is typically watts and is enough to trip the ‘critical power’ shutdown if it is calculated on time remaining.

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I msi u100 linux have an vnc and ssh server running in the background so I can login and do updates and all that jazz. Additionally, surveys are not allowed. It gives me great control over my desktop.

linux on msi wind netbook

Not an issue if you prefer Gnome or Cruncheee’s OpenBox. Some of these will be overwritten if you latter use the Preferences route. Before You Leave msi u100 linux we welcome comments and suggestions. I’m msi u100 linux savvy enough to use SlackWare; how about Mandriva?


Security from windows nasties. The APN is unusual as limux usually use pp. It’s a live system that’s good to keep handy for fixing your bootloader, quick online access without a hard drive, etc.

Make sure to use Palemoon as a browser or install ublock origin to Firefox and something to stop flash from playing automatically. I played with both under Ubuntu Hardy Heron and it gave some improvement msi u100 linux at the cost of power consumption.

Hello, I’m wanting to install a Linux on my MSI U Netbook

We have made the msi u100 linux on both our machines to the Cinnamon Desktop which is covered very fully in Msi u100 linux Spice to Ubuntu – Cinnamon and Mint and keep to a brief introduction here.

There are some tradeoffs and Sergei Msi u100 linux has written a script which he has put into a PPA which enable the optimum size and number of zRam swap files depending on memory, and scales for the number of processors etc in a system. Going like the Wind – Tips and Tricks to get the best from the Wind, especially whilst on the move: It will make the drive run slightly warmer and use slightly more power but probably better than mad head parking.

I have used TrueCrypt on all my machines and despite various well documented shock withdrawal by the authors it is still well regarded and safe by many. Neither act immediately msi u100 linux you need to restart or logout and back in as the same user. The first two are essential for most GPRS connections and disable the msi u100 linux and checking of the echo response sent to check the connection is alive – the echo is not implemented by most mobile service providers and the default result is that 4 echo response requests are sent at 30 second intervals and after the 4th failure to receive a response the connection is broken.


Many programs that I use require use of Indicators in the Systray ie on the top panel which is blocked by default for most programs by Unity. Even so it is best to set these permissions.

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See, the F3 Recovery option seems to use its own hidden? Looking for a distro?

The Vodafone Group have written some support software for linux – it is not officially supported but is an Open Source development which can be used for many USB 3G sticks and service providers. It can be msi u100 linux from the standard menu although with Cinnamon you may need to do a Cinnamon restart before it is visible. Submit a new text post. One might ask why msi u100 linux in the case of a wifi connection, why not connect directly?