Individual application vendors should be contacted for specific information and availability dates. Power management – The Ultrium 4 Tape Drive power management function is designed to control the drive electronics to be either completely turned off or in a low-power mode when the circuit functions are not needed for drive operation. Feature can be ordered only with the initial order. The following interposers are available: The case is specially designed for use in automated libraries and is designed for repeated, unattended, handling.

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At a Glance If you require larger capacity with higher performance, you ibm 3580 appreciate Ultrium tape drive features: Dynamic amplitude asymmetry compensation – It is designed to dynamically optimize readback signals for linear readback response from MR read head transducers. An interposer may also be required for attachment to various server ibm 3580. First, it helps improve performance if a subsequent append overwrites somewhere after the first filemark, and second, write of multiple filemarks typically indicates a point where an append operation might occur after the first of these ibm 3580.

IBM 3580-L33 / 23R5922 400/800GB Ultrium LTO-3 External SCSI LVD Tape Drive

Dual-stage channel head actuator – The actuator is designed to provide ibm 3580 head alignment to help support higher track density and improved data integrity. Software Requirements The Ultrium Ibm 3580 Drive is supported on the following operating systems at the minimum levels indicated: Euro Currency This product is not impacted by euro currency.


To order, contact your IBM representative: Refer to the Sales Manual for further information. IBM hardware products ibm 3580 manufactured from new parts, or new and used parts.

Feature number – 2. Model conversions Not applicable.

An interposer or interposers may ibm 3580 required for attachment to various server adapters. The following interposer is available: Feature conversions Not applicable. Intel is a registered trademark of Intel Corporation.

It provides a media capacity of up to GB GB with 2: One Initial order only: IBM’s patented “Scheme-Swapping” compression is designed to look ahead at incoming data, and determine the most efficient storage method ibm 3580 ALDC or pass-thru mode to help provide optimal data compression and increase data throughput.

IBM TotalStorage Tape Drive Model L33 incorporates IBM LTO Ultrium 3 tape drive technology

Planning Information Customer Responsibilities: Servo and track layout technology – There are data tracks in Ultrium 4 and 3 versus data tracks in Ultrium 2. Ibm 3580 Solaris 8, 9, The case is specially designed for use ibm 3580 automated libraries and is designed for repeated, unattended, handling.


Overview Is your business challenged with managing mission-critical data in an expanding, networked, enterprise-wide environment?

The fourth-generation drive electronics are designed to provide ibm 3580 correction of soft errors, and in memory 3850. A power cord option number, if applicable, should also be specified.

Tivoli is a registered trademark of Tivoli Systems, Inc.

IBM 3580 Ultrium Tape Drive Offers High Capacity and Performance

The Tape Drive has raven black covers. A list of compatible software is available from your IBM representative or at: Are you looking for solutions that ibm 3580 better protection ibbm your network’s data, eliminating individual tape handling, and reducing overhead and operator error?

The software to manage the Tape Ibm 3580 is not provided with the libraries. Customers are also responsible for ordering media.

Adaptive read equalization – Ibm 3580 to automatically compensate for dynamic changes in readback signal response. None Initial order only: Ibm 3580 list represents our best knowledge at the time of publication and does not imply completeness.