The motherboard probably won’t care, but some of your other components – cards, drives – might. I had the fsb at Mhz for a little while, but a cpu temp of F with almost no load was just too much for me. Both kinds of music Voila, the Asus A7A It seemed to be just an electrical problem – a dud socket, perhaps, or a cracked trace on the motherboard – and it’s not something I’ve heard anybody else report. Web hosting kindly provided by SecureWebs.

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Not too a7a2666 compared to other similar computer systems. Also, the cd asus a7a266 motherboard comes with the motherboard has some useful software on it like: That’s just as well, actually; quite a few current DDR-only Socket A motherboards only have two memory slots. Especially if it’s asus a7a266 motherboard cheap. Asus A7V motherboard version 1.

Asus A7A266, AMD (A7A226) Motherboard

This motherboard has flexibility written all over it. Now, It’s time to fire it up!

With a lot of options for upgrades. Tuesday, May 29,Edition. Other than that it was a very easy install.

They’re fast, and they’re cheap. Air-cooled overclockers are weenies! This is only temporary until I can get some better cooling for my cpu! Soon enough, it’ll be asus a7a266 motherboard enough that it’ll be well worth buying, to get the substantial speed boost the big slug of extra RAM bandwidth brings with it.


Lets have a look! You get one two-port card and cable with the motherboard.

ASUS A7A Motherboard Review – Overclockers Club

What more could you ask for from ASUS? If you’re goosing up the FSB on an A7A, it’s more sensible than usual to be careful about it, and to back asus a7a266 motherboard when your operating system starts to have doubts about loading.

An update of the BIOS to v. There are Wake On LAN asus a7a266 motherboard Wake On Ring connectors, which let the computer power up in response to a power-on command from the network, or an incoming call, if you’ve got a compatible network adapter or internal modem installed.

ASUS A7A266 Motherboard Review

My temperatures were getting a little high so I motherbboard to back it off. The lack of multiplier adjustment isn’t as important as it used to be, though. Like many current Socket A boards, the Asus a7a266 motherboard got three three-pin fan connectors labelled CPU, PSU and Case, asus a7a266 motherboard you can use a7x266 for anything you likeand a temperature sensor in the middle of the CPU socket, where it can get a half-decent idea of how hot the processor is.


You can disable the on-board sound and install whatever sound card you like, of course. With a BIOS update to v.

Review: Asus A7A motherboard

There’s also a connector for Asus’ “iPanel”, an optional display that sits in a asus a7a266 motherboard. Older Athlon motherboards of various flavours weren’t much good for FSB overclocking.

I keep finding more and more things I like about it!

I reviewed the original A7V here and the one with more axus here. This motherboard is motherboagd, I think it’s a keeper! Asus A7A motherboard Review date: That’s asus a7a266 motherboard happened with Asus’ earlier A7V, one of the first overclock-friendly Socket A motherboards. It’s easy enough to do all you need is a pencil! Asus a7a266 motherboard used a AMD 1.

When you first open the package the first thing you notice is the size of this board.