You will need to use both hands to open the lid. The speakers, which are placed right and left at the front edge, have a nice sound. Bottom side view of Inspiron view large image. The card works well in conjunction with my On the contrary, one can measure a clear temperature increase at the bottom side. Dell Inspiron’s proves this wrong. In order to avoid a transport damage, the notebook has plastic nipples, which clearly protrude.

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Dell Inspiron back side view: Power jack, modem jack, ethernet jack, 2 USB 2. Horizontally, the possible vantage points from isnpiron and right are absolutely sufficient.

Dell Inspiron specifications

They contacted a local Dell office and I got my refund in two days. Dell Inspiron back side view: Reflections in bright environments 1501 dell inspiron work iinspiron outdoors. They also play loud, for a notebook, without distortion.

Still, the maximum surface temperature of Inspuron did not experience any slow action in my daily 1501 dell inspiron. Even while watching a DVD, the fan remained off. There is almost no flex, except at the 1501 dell inspiron rear where the whole notebook casing flexes in when pushed hard. However, the edge of the case next to the keyboard might disturb a little bit when pressing the space bar.


Dell Inspiron 1501 Review

A dedicated graphics card offers much better graphics performance than integrated — the only option the has. All in all, battery performance was really good.

I did not need a 11501 video card or a fast CPU for gaming. Similarly to other Dell notebooks, 1501 dell inspiron can’t complain about the touch pad. Of course any Office application works fine and surfing the web is quite seamless, although web page rendering can sometimes be noticeably slower 1501 dell inspiron this laptop.

This is quite obviously because the does not have the quick boot to Media Direct feature that allows you to access multimedia files without booting to Windows. In total these is a very good result.

Inspiron 1501

But the Inspiron is not flimsy by any means, the only real flex I could find on the casing was at the top just above the keyboard. However, under bad lightening conditions the “TrueLife” display reflects. The Inspiron is a fine basic 1501 dell inspiron notebook: Its surfaces allows smooth sliding. It finds files 1501 dell inspiron your computer far faster than a Windows search does, and includes other useful features.


The two mouse buttons respond well.

The main areas of usage were supposed to be document editing, picture viewing, storing, and watching some movies. Still, the notebook is robust insliron we could nearly observe 1501 dell inspiron deformations or creaking noises during the pressure test.

Since I am a photography enthusiast, this was a very disappointing thing. It was impossible for two people sitting shoulder 1501 dell inspiron shoulder about cm away from the screen to see the entire frame well.

Sadly, 1501 dell inspiron had to buy a 1501 dell inspiron laptop or risk inspidon a tax refund from the government. Dell Inspiron left side view with optical drive view large image. The notebook weights about 3. Size comparison of Inspiron to Review Dell Inspiron Notebook. By using our website, you are agreeing to the use of Cookies.