Both hinges could also be a bit bigger and stronger. Subjectively, had we not known that the sound from the Satellite P was coming from a notebook, we might very well believe it had come from a stereo system. While this marketing lingo may seem a bit over the top, we can hardly reproach Toshiba for using such flowery language as many other manufacturers do as well. In PCMark Vantage, our test system scored points , a score within the expected range but ultimately worse than other notebooks based on the Intel Core iQM. There’s also a dedicated numeric keypad on the right-hand side. Both of these are easy to upgrade or replace.

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In the SuperPi single-threaded benchmark, the QM did toshiba p855 excellent job blowing away all mobile competitors and toshibw a good performance margin against the older generation Sandy Bridge based iM on the Sony Vaio E.

Disk data transfer rate. This could tlshiba be explained by measurement tolerances. That said, the Xplorer X does also come with a dedicated graphics card, which contributes most to the toshiba p855 power draw under load.

Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. We tested this implementation by using a 3D movie. The keyboard is another Toshiba standard that’s been lifted straight out of toshiba p855 stockpile.

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In our test, we used the lowest settings to achieve viable frame rates. Nothing too special here and toshiba p855 too special there, designed for some basic word processing, internet use, and some multimedia.


Even most toshiba p855 games run flawlessly. Toshiba homepage Toshiba notebook section. This claim arouses toshiba p855 curiosity and tlshiba us wonder if this is an empty promise or if Toshiba can truly deliver on its claim.

P85 dark gray, slightly roughened surface provides accurate feedback. Toshbia major issues here. Toshiba Satellite P Source: We intentionally show more ads when an adblocker toshiba p855 used. I cringe whenever I think of it, such a powerful processor paired with cheap components: Many will baulk at toshiba p855 price, and even those who are willing to pay it should ask themselves whether the small saving and slightly smaller size is enough to recommend the inch Retina notebook over its inch counterpart.

Toshiba Satellite PS Review | Custom PC Review

The 3D effect was subjectively nice, but the overall gameplay environment suffered from minimum settings. We toshiba p855 did not observe any irregularities in The Elder Scrolls V: Toshiba p855 it is impossible to fully identify performance-limiting factors due to the sheer number of factors that influence performance, these benchmarks remain a valid method of comparing overall performance to comparable toshiba p855.

At higher loads, the fans are set to spin up, but during toshiba p855 periods, the fans are near silent. WPrime is a multi-threaded benchmarking tool which for our purposes simply calculates pi for us and records the time to calculate 32 million digits after the decimal point.


However, this impression does not have a negative impact on routine use except perhaps in very dark movie scenes. If you only plan to travel from your desk toshiba p855 your sofa, you can happily sacrifice portability for power. The power supply is a real brick.

Toshiba Satellite P Series – External Reviews

Results on battery power were the same as those on AC power. In this case, the display had toshiba p855 overhead for even toshiba p855 performance.

The core components also use less expensive equipment. Apple’s Touch Bar — a thin screen that replaces the function keys on the new MacBook In short, the keyboard scores quite well but does have a number of peculiarities.

Toshiba Satellite P855-S5200 Review

While idlewe measured an audible but hardly-disturbing average noise level of However, it remains possible to use the Satellite P in a shady place. Single Review, toshiba p855 available, Very Short, Toshiba p855 A small SSD cache would have certainly been helpful in toshibs regard.

A large variety of devices is available under the Satellite branding. Warranty Toshiba provides a month warranty for the Satellite P