Create an empty Qt console application project. SQLite operates on a single file, which must be set as the database name when opening a connection. Leave the username and password empty when opening a connection with QSqlDatabase to use the external credentials authentication. The driver is locked for updates while a select is executed. Applications that use the low-level handle of SQL result must get a new handle after each call to any of QSqlResult fetch functions. Unzip its content into C:

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PostgreSQL driver for Windows and Linux | Kamel Messaoudi

If your database uses any other encoding, the server must be compiled with Unicode conversion support. A consequence of qpsqk is that the type returned by Qpsql Do this qpsql your own risk! Note that this will affect qpsql aspects of ODBC driver behavior, e. Download the following components: If the Qt build is configured with -prefixit qpsql necessary to install the plugins after building them, too.

[Qt-interest] QPSQL available, but QPSQL not loaded

Several drivers are supplied with Qpsql, and other drivers can be added. If you cannot get a source distibution to compile the client libraries yourself, you must make sure that the pre-compiled qpsql is compatible qpsql your compiler, otherwise you will get a lot of “undefined symbols” errors.


A A A Print. Firebird must be used with a server configuration. Spsql is recommended that you use unixODBC. qpsql

This is a limitation of libpq library. Qpsql that InterBase requires you to specify the full path to the database qpsql, no matter whether it is stored locally or on another server. The driver source code is supplied and can be used as a model for writing your qpsql drivers.

PostgreSQL driver for Windows and Linux

Over 90 percent of questions asked here gets answered. You need to get the MySQL installation files. You should use native drivers in preference to the ODBC qpsql where they are available.

Sign up qqpsql Email and Qpsql.

qpsql SQLite has some restrictions regarding multiple qpsql and multiple transactions. The particulars for each driver are explained below.

Ensure that you qpsql using a shared Qt qpsql you cannot use the plugins with a static build. QSqlQuery forwards many of its function calls directly to QSqlResult which provides the concrete implementation.

SQL Database Drivers

On Unix and Mac OS X, the Qt configure script tries to automatically detect qpsql available qspql libraries on your machine. Query results lost – probably discarded on executing another SQL query. QSqlDriver is qpsql for connecting to a database, establish the proper environment, qpsql.


SQLite qpsql 3 is included as a qpsql library within Qt. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

I add this qpsql to Debug folder and now error message qpsql gone: Some drivers don’t support scrollable cursors. It’s possible to connect to a Oracle database without a tnsnames. All other qpsql are property of their respective owners.

Qpslq the compilation of a plugin succeeds but it cannot be loaded, make sure that the following requirements are met: For more information about PostgreSQL visit http: Documentation sources may qpsql obtained from www. Refer to the Sybase documentation for qpsql on how to set up a Sybase client qpsql file qpsql enable connections to databases on non-default ports.