However, potential buyers shouldn’t expect a very big leap. The 3D fields of a movie, a picture or a game doesn’t simply come from nowhere. Single Review, online available, Short, Date: However, our only real qualm with it is the price and for around the same price, one can get a decent gaming notebook with similar specifications. Users can disable the scroll fields to increase the relatively small pad area. The CPU power could be slowed down during load due to throttling.

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The contrast rich FHD screen equipped with wide horizontal viewing angles is a good lf with and without 3D. The keys provide the typist with a pressure point that is inclined to lack clarity and a soft key stroke. More about that in Temperature.

LG 9BE1 Product Support :Manuals, Warranty & More | LG U.A.E

Strong adhesion for fingerprints. LG holds up the 3D flag, while other manufacturers are taking their 3D devices from the market.

The Alienware M17x R3 has a clear lead here. The speaker’s emit their sound from the base plate.

xnotr After a few years, LG largely withdrew from the laptop sector. However, current games cave-in hopelessly in terms of frame rates.


Exchangeable hardware is found underneath the three covers on the bottom.

Review LG A520-T.AE31G (3D/2820QM) Notebook

In the smartphone segment, LG is a medium-sized manufacturer not among the Top 5 in and However, our only real qualm ly it is the price and for around the same price, one can get a decent gaming notebook with similar specifications. However, potential buyers shouldn’t expect a very big leap. Not only the manufacturer’s TVs are delivered with cheap, because passive, polarized glasses as an accessory. The polarized eyeglasses work without electronics, don’t flicker and only cost a few cents gl production.

But the frame rates cave in every time the highest resolution is selected and current games become unplayable. A stronger graphics is a must-have for 3D. Star Craft 2 The real-time strategy game caves in to 29 medium, otherwise 45 and 17 high, otherwise 32 fps in 3D mode TriDef natively supports the game. The technical data isn’t so overly imposing.

Its top stays under 30 degrees. Where is the advantage?

These controllers can’t be retrofitted either due to the lack of ExpressCard. The new GT M is even clearly stronger with points. Photographers are familiar with polarizers, as they for example remove light effects on glass or lacquer.


Not even the old standard, FireWire, is on board to transfer movies from the camcorder.

LG X-Note A520-D 3D Notebook Review

Feasible 3D effects on a good FHD screen. The reflective panel isn’t suitable for the terrace. Quality journalism a5200 made possible by advertising. TriDef calculates the stereoscopic counterpart of existing fields of a movie or game. The software, TriDef Ignitiontakes care of that. The race game’s result can be repeated exactly with the built-in benchmark. The key surface fits tight all over and doesn’t coil anywhere. Its slow rotation speed of rpm doesn’t really fit into the picture of a x520 consumer.

AE31G, by courtesy of: This test was unfortunately still unknown to the Lenovo Z520 W There aren’t any problems with the simultaneous calculating of the stereo image, not even in fast action scenes. The depth three dimensionality of the second field.