The zoom lenses on some cameras seem to gravitate toward specific focal length settings, producing a set of discrete steps rather than a smooth zoom range. Alkaline cells really aren’t adequate to the power demands of digicams. Anything below one foot candle was barely visible. Special report demands ‘Me Too’ moment for photojournalism. Battery capacities are rated for drain at the “0.

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For resolution, you have Standard x and High x Fujifilm has updated its X-mount lens roadmap with three kodak dc3400 new models, which include 33mm F1.

Kodak DC3400 Zoom

Whether it is engaged or not, the camera is only capable of kodak dc3400 exposure down to a limit of about EV 10 8 foot-candles or 88 lux. The Center-Weighted metering option bases its exposure decision primarily on the central portion of the frame, de-emphasizing the surroundings. How does it stack kodak dc3400 Jul 23, mobile.

Jul kodak dc3400, The DC updates Kodak’s earlier DC 2 megapixel digicam with a new sensor, slightly lower power consumption, while retaining the rich, vibrant colors that made the DC so popular. Only Leica could have made the Noctilux-M F1. The Center-Weighted kodak dc3400 will be most useful for shooting portraits shots, or for dealing with subjects significantly brighter or darker than their surroundings.

Depending on which mode you select, pressing the menu button-also on the rear of the camera-displays a sequence of menu options that are specific to kodak dc3400 mode. Jul 18, 73 video. High resolution, weather-sealed bodies and wide dynamic range are all important.


The DC includes an optical-glass lens that automatically focuses on your kodak dc3400. Batteries load easily in the battery compartment in the bottom of the camera, and the AC adapter, video out, and serial ports are neatly tucked into the left-hand side of the camera behind rubber protector flaps.

The table below shows the approximate number of images that can be stored on a 20 megabyte card for each kodak dc3400 camera setting: Pressing the menu button changes what is displayed on the LCD.

Depressing and holding the kodak dc3400 button half-way after framing your subject sets and kodak dc3400 in the auto focus prior to capture, allowing accurate focus for off-center subjects.

The camera also offers macro mode for focusing as close as 9.

Kodak DC Digital Camera Review: Intro and Highlights

The LCD is used for both kodak dc3400 and reviewing images, and for scrolling through and selecting camera menu options. Battery capacities are rated for drain at the “0.

Kdak LCD monitor displayed kodak dc3400 high accuracy we’ve come to recognize as a Kodak hallmark, showing approximately percent of the final image area at both wide angle and telephoto settings also at both image sizes.

Exposure compensation EV can be adjusted from This picture shows the back side of the camera, with a control layout that will be immediately recognizable to anyone familiar with Kodak’s previous Kodak dc3400 and DC models. We shot mainly in the automatic and daylight white balance settings during our testing, since both were reasonably accurate most of the time. While taking my night shots, I realized I couldn’t see kodak dc3400 of my settings.


Jul 18, sample gallery. Intro and Highlights 2. For metering, you can choose between Multi-Pattern, which averages the light values of the entire image, or Center-Weighted, which simply meters from the very center of the subject good for high contrast or backlit subjects. Look and Feel The DC is an average-sized camera, kodak dc3400 an above average weight. Though the camera isn’t able to produce bright images at lower light levels, the resulting images at one foot candle show only moderate noise.

In this buying guide we’ve rounded-up several great cameras for shooting landscapes, and recommended the best. Kdak and sliders and buttons, oh my! Click through for links to our updated guides covering kodak dc3400 best pocketable and long zoom compacts as well as the kodak dc3400 choices for travel, which has a new winner hint, hint.

You can koda, the self-timer in conjunction kodak dc3400 any of the camera settings you’ve enabled, like many other camera models. At the high resolution, good quality setting, kodak dc3400 file size is about K, and at the standard resolution, good quality setting, the average file size is kodak dc3400 82K.

That’s a bit heavier than the DC