Outline fonts can be downloaded to the printer from PSF libraries. The printing system also features a MICR test font with outline characters that you can use to ensure that MICR applications are developed safely without loss of font security. Cut Sheet Emulation CSE is an option on the printer console that automatically invokes an Enhanced N-Up arrangement to emulate two side-by-side sheets of cut paper. Follow-on stocks of these maintenance supplies are ordered by the customer through IBM. An telephone number for ordering follow-on maintenance supplies is provided with the initial shipment that arrives with the printers. The font is oriented for printing at print time.

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Toner for IBM Infoprint 4000 ID 1

If you have a requirement for a page larger than It is recommended that customers maintain a one- to two-month stock of supplies on hand.

If you get toner on your hands, gently brush or blow it off, and avoid touching your eyes or mouth.

Although it is possible to print both 1-D and 2-D barcodes with colour toner, not all barcode scanners and readers will be able to properly decode a colour barcode.

For each additional control unit up to a maximum of eight control unitsthis measurement is reduced by 4. A wide range of outline font type styles in a variety of language families are also available as resident fonts on the ‘s hard disk.

The used brushes can be placed in normal trash to be disposed in the local landfill. Go to our web site at http: Error recovery is another key function enabled by IBM’s leading-edge technology. The printer cannot be successfully varied on to the second host until the operator drains and varies it offline to the first host. Two bottles per carton Minimum order quantity: User management is responsible for evaluation, selection and implementation of security features, administrative procedures, and appropriate controls in application systems and communications facilities.

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Preprinted or blank fanfold forms, roll feed paper, some labelsv. With either message, add two bottles of toner. When Toner Supply Low appears, printing operations continue and you may add toner.

One kilogram container; part number represents one container Packaging: In some cases, the hardware product may have been previously installed. Depending on size, one roll can last up to six hours, which is ideal for a “lights out” environment.

This ability provides the following benefits: While provided by IBM and included in the price of the product or feature, they are shipped from a different physical location and must be ordered separately for the product or feature by your IBM representative.

It is the operators responsibility to determine if the CCD installed matches the application being run. Once a CCD is loaded with one colour toner, it can not be changed to another type of toner. MICR describes the special typeface and ink used to encode the numbers and symbols used on the bottom line of checks and other documents that can be recognized by high-speed magnetic or optical readers, such as the IBM and check processors.

Both enhance the overall image you project with your documents. Duplex jobs print page 2 on the back of page 1 and page 4 on the back of page 3. Sound Power per engine 60 Hz 50 Hz Idle 7.



Enhance your operational productivity and control with the ability to log on and manage print jobs and queues from the print room, as well as authorize operator tasks. The following fonts consist of twelve type faces which provide compatibility with the resident raster fonts included in the Page Printer, as well as the most common typefaces of the IBM Compatibility fonts traditionally provided in the AFP Print Services Facility products. Edge smoothing is the reduction of the “stair-stepping” appearance of diagonal lines, which is similar to the IBM InfoPrint family printers.

Additional CCDs can be purchased for additional types of toner.

IBM InfoPrint Developer 2Pack – 1,, Pages Ea.

Then the message changes to Add Toner and printing stops. The printing system also features a MICR test font with outline characters that you can use to ensure that MICR applications are developed safely without loss of font security. When printing 14 to 25 inch form length, suitable post-processing equipment is recommended.

Eight bottles per carton Minimum order quantity: Reduce downtime associated with changing from one pre-printed form to another. Raster fonts must be downloaded from PSF host libraries in the resolution and size required 400 printing.

Actual usage should be used to establish the supply’s life in your applications.