I switch to another terminal ctrl-alt-F1 and then switch back to X alt-F7 and then it works. Monitor is the name you gave your monitor Default Depth is the bit-per-pixel depth X. The DPMS option is a power management option. May 8th, 6. I just CAN’T get it to go over x after trying many things, including resolution, even though the chipset supports x I only tested with alphanumerical names though. I defined them, and instantly it all worked.

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Here is my xorg. I was stuck in a low terrible resolution.

Configuring Xorg for use with Intel i and i8110 video xorh I’ve seen a lot of people having issues with integrated Intel video chipsets. Join Date May Beans 5. April 20th, 2. It didn’t seem to immediately fix anything, but as far as I know it might have been part of what fixed the problem later.

The time now is The “Monitor” section This is what your monitor section should look like: Configuring Xorg for use with Intel i and higher video cards Hi mate. I though I’d share my success story well, mostly success. This is apparently because a faulty video bios that doesn’t report valid video modes.


i810(4) – Linux man page

I switch to another terminal ctrl-alt-F1 and then switch back to X alt-F7 and xoeg it works. Identifier should not be changed. Please ask on intel-gfx if you want to get your feet wet on this. When the rain starts to pour I’ll be there for you!


May 2nd, 4. You can use gedit if you are in a graphical environment, or vim if you are in a console.

Like I’ve been there before I’ll be there for you ‘Cause you’re there for me too. I would REALLY like to get away from Windoze i10 start using Ubuntu full-time, especially since learning that Microsoft was is one of the Korporations that wanted to profit from the “war” correct word: Configuring Xorg for use with Intel i and higher video cards well i installed this and i still have the same problem which is low FPS glxgears reports Code:.

After running dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg and manually selecting the i driver, my LCD monitor would fail to accept the requested video mode unless I commented out the horiz and vert refresh lines in my xorg monitor config, then it would force me to use x The DPMS option is a power management xotg.


Thank u very much indeed http: Driver specifies which driver you want to use. This means your fancy monitor with a strange resolution will work out of the box. May 8th, 7.

In my case, the specific problem I was dealing with is that the Hoary installer gave me the vesa driver, which is servicable, but not great. The Intel Linux Graphics Driver web portal: Table may be out of date. It is more up to date, has similar configuration settings, and, most importantly, you do not need the i tool anymore. Finalizing Those final steps are not necessary if you dont wnt desktop acceleration such as beryl, etc. Horiz Sync and Vert Refresh options are often not necessary.

A ii810 of known laptop graphics chips can be i8110 at IntelLaptopChips.

I later was advised to do: You are free to update it if you know.