I reloaded windows 10 and let it go from the base install through all of the service updates. What does device manager say about your receiver? This can occur for several reasons:. Used game stores such as GameStop will not keep these around and often will not even have a receiver. I bought a wireless gaming receiver for my XBox controller this week, so I can use it to play compatible games on steam. It means that although your USB is receiving power and the computer even knows your receiver is out there it cannot establish communication with the micro-controller inside to get the proper hardware ID.

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On the wireless accessory, press the connect button.

I experienced something like this when i was really testing out the distance of my wi-fi adapter. Any ideas would be a start.

The menu I am getting is in the original post and it differs from any Youtube video or internet help websites I look at. I tried many guides, but only yours worked. Thank you for checking out this blog and have fun gaming! Happy for you man, glad it all worked out. Available in and more Currently Unavailable. Maybe your copy of windows 7 didn’t come with these drivers? I have tried hde pc wireless gaming receiver both operating system 7 and 8.


How to Use a Wireless Xbox Controller on a PC

How long should the receiver light flash? If there are any updates available, Windows will automatically install them.

Thanks for checking out my blog! Did you ever find out what the issue was or hopefully find a fix? Add both to Cart Add both to List. All links have been moved locally to the same server you are setting my webpage on.

The receiver works all the way across our house hde pc wireless gaming receiver is identical to my Xbox console wireless length.

Thanks man I needed my controller to play Mugen! Thank you very much for checking out this blog! This can occur for several reasons:.

Windows 7 installation: Xbox Wireless Gaming Receiver For Windows – mheap

hde pc wireless gaming receiver As you are the second reader that experienced this I may need to update that blog entry for those who do not see the xbox receiver normally. Thanks again for the help. If the device doesn’t appear in Device Manager or if the Device status area doesn’t indicate that the device is working, verify that the software is installed correctly.


I have followed this step by step and when i go into hde pc wireless gaming receiver manager i do not recieve the option for xbox Peripherals. The dropbox account keeps getting suspended due to high traffic loads hde pc wireless gaming receiver too many other sites were hot-linking to it.

Then click on Browse my Computer for Driver Software. Write a customer review. I think he resolved it by forcing the drivers in device wirsless because the OEM receiver can come from multiple sources.

If you are pressing the sync button on the front of your Xbox controller first and the receiver next and the controller LEDs spin clockwise but never assigns a player ID.

Xbox 360 Wireless Gaming Receiver for Windows

Share Facebook Twitter Pinterest. It’s possible that your USB hub can’t provide sufficient power for all the devices that are plugged into it. Did the drivers install correctly or if there an error?

Wireless Receiver for the Xbox from China has arrived.