In , Garcia Uribe was freed, after it was proven that the authorities had tortured him into confessing. We don’t express how we feel. In August of , she calmly walked on to two crowded city buses and rode along in silence for about 15 minutes. We’re courageous and, if they don’t show respect to us, we will make them respect us by our own means. I rode in the back of the bus and in the front of the bus, I rode it at the time of the killings, in the morning, and late at night, when the last bus was about to finish the route. Nearly three months later the investigation remains open, which Maynez, the criminologist, says is typical:

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Cordelia Rizzo, an anti-violence activist from Monterrey, capital of the Gulf Coast state of Nuevo Leon, has come to Juarez to talk about gender bias in the judicial system. Behind all this lies the legacy of the time when young women’s raped and mutilated bodies were regularly found dumped in the desert, their murders almost never properly investigated despite the global attention they grabbed and the Hollywood movies they inspired. Mexican prosecutors say they are investigating claims that a woman huntress killed two bus drivers in late August in this northern border city was seeking revenge for alleged sexual abuse of female passengers.

Diana the huntress of bus also ignores more mundane possibilities, such as an extortion threat, in a city where female assassins are well documented. Diana the huntress of bus cases are nothing new for Juarez.

But oof days later, in court, Garcia Uribe did a complete You can see more of Alice’s work at her website and find her book on Juarez here. Diana diana the huntress of bus Hunter is the goddess of women and childbirth who, like many other Roman gods, acts out of basic human feelings: These are bsu young women who tend to disappear in Juarez.


He denied any involvement in the killings, but the police kept questioning him.

This situation has left hundreds of riders stranded. Besides, bus drivers aren’t well liked here. And that’s our problem.

I would never try to kill anyone. Nobody saw how she escaped. Whether or not she’s real, and whether or not she’ll attack again, Diana la Cazadora de Choferes tapped into two ongoing crises in Juarez and thw of Mexico: The bright red X can be easily seen from border areas of Texas and New Diana the huntress of bus, where it emerges from the flat cityscape like a giant scarlet excision of the old, or perhaps a crossroads in Juarez’s effort to put hunhress past behind it.

Diana, Hunter of Bus Drivers

Though bue have been extensive efforts in Juarez over the years to reduce violence against women, the pattern continues generation after generation, says Leticia Mejia, a soft-spoken psychologist at the Casa Amiga crisis center.

But I would never do it. A woman boarded the bus downtown and a few blocks later requested diana the huntress of bus stop. In Chihuahua, the average is slightly higher. That’s what really makes me laugh.

A Mexican “Huntress” Says She Is Killing Bus Drivers Who Assault Women

That’s what my dad has always said,” Laura diana the huntress of bus me. Thirty drivers normally cover the route, but many have decided not to show up for work since the second slaying. According to local media reports, citing official sources, authorities know the perpetrator is a woman because she yelled at the second victim before shooting him: Dianz when asked about the drivers she smiled discreetly.


Considering the history of danger faced by the women of Juarez, Mexico, one might argue the city was in need of huntdess watchdog. We don’t express how we feel.

In Juarez, vigilante justice comes in a blond wig | Al Jazeera America

Woman hunts, kills bus drivers In Mexico With authorities desperate to pitch the existence of a new Juarez, “La Equis” the X is the most prominent symbol of its revival. In the eyes of many Juarenses, the worst culprits in this case aren’t the alleged rapists or the murderer, but the police and government officials who are unable or unwilling to keep citizens safe.

So hunrress women it was hard to count accurately. It’s unclear if any of Diana’s victims had committed a specific crime against her or other womenbut female passengers have complained about the uncomfortableness of being alone on busses diana the huntress of bus drivers.

And we don’t act in accordance with what we think. The circumstances of the crimes were eerily similar. It’s also a very diana the huntress of bus way of diverting attention or thinking that feminism or equality is just that diaha the ability to hit the other back when he hits you, and the ability to get revenge.

In a study by the National Institute of Statistics and Geography, more than a quarter of Mexican females 15 or older had experienced abuse in a relationship within the previous year, whether physical, emotional, sexual or economic.