It is seen only when configuring an The names of the icons created by BASP therefore are not recommended to be changed. Active adapters are listed. Before the port LEDs can provide troubleshooting information, the adapter must be connected to the network see ” Installing the Hardware ” , and the network drivers for your particular operating system must be installed. The cable status will display possible problems associated with the cable if the cable is not in working order.

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In this case, displayed cable length is meaningless since the correct cable length cannot be calculated properly with a broken cable. If the second adapter works in the slot where the first one failed, the original adapter is probably defective.

Problems using Ghost with a Broadcom Gigabit NIC

Margin yields the minimum distance between the measured cable pair and the maximum IEEE The status window displays various error messages that diagnose possible problems associated with the cable. The following section describes how to test network connectivity for WindowsWindows ServerNetWare, and Linux. To configure ICS, a user gihabit need to select a network connection as “outside” connection, and another network connection as “inside” connection.

Insert the floppy disk containing the Broadcom bit LAN driver files into the floppy disk drive.

Broadcom NetXtreme Ethernet Controller Driver 15.0.1 for DOS NDIS2

In configuring BASP team configuration, the actual changes of the configuration is not committed until the user click “OK” in “Network Properties” window. Consult manual pages for more information on ‘ifconfig’ and ‘netstat’.


Check to nwtextreme that the adapter status LEDs operate as described in the following table: Off No 10 Mbps link; possible link at different speed, possible bad cable, bad connector, or configuration mismatch.

Do not change the default settings for items 1 through 4. To successfully install the adapter driver for MS-DOS, the adapter must be installed before you install the adapter driver.

Verify that the Broadcom NetXtreme Gigabit Ethernet adapter driver software has been installed on your system. If it has not, install it see Installing the Driver Software.

To verify that the driver is loaded properly, type. This does not occur with a Cisco Catalyst Checking if Correct Drivers are Loaded.

Broadcom Netxtreme Gigabit Driver For Dos –

The Broadcom Advanced Control Suite, Vital Sign screen allows you to view vital adapter information, network status, and network connectivity. Windows and Windows Server The following table lists know problems and solutions using Windows The LineSpeed keyword is used to force the speed of the neteztreme connection.

From the Cable Analysis screen the user can monitor conditions of an Ethernet CAT5 browdcom connection within a cable plant in an Ethernet network. The following section describes how to run the cable diagnostics f rom the Broadcom Advanced Control Suite. In Windowseach network adapter installed properly will have an icon in Network Properties window. If the adapter passed the tests in the new system, the original system may be defective. Alternatively, use Broadcom Advanced Control Suite 2 see Broadcom Advanced Control Suite 2 to view the bus number, function port number, and device number assigned to each adapter Windows users only.

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This is a 3rd party issue.

Check for specific hardware problems, such as obvious damage to board components or the PCI edge connector. On Streams of data detected on the port.

Insert the floppy disk containing the Broadcom ODI bit driver files into the floppy gigbit drive. This utility allows you to determine whether the problem is with the adapter or in the cable plant.

The Length sub tab allows you to verify cable length and determine whether your configuration has the appropriate cable, which are calculated by a Return Loss algorithm. The following table lists known BASP problems and solutions that apply to all operating systems: This problem can be overcome by configuring the firmware to operate in forced pci mode.

Similar to physical network connections, these virtual connections can be disabled via the context menu. Software Problems and Solutions. The name of the icon is usually in the form of “Local Area Connection ” and where is a number starting from netexrreme.