The problem is not specific to the reported grahics card. No summary available for usb-modules Changed in linux Ubuntu: No description available for ide-modules- 2. No description available for fs-core- modules- 2. The use of character fonts on a vga console is broken since seemingly ever until now somebody noticed. Steve Langasek vorlon wrote on

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No summary available for fs-core-modules I consider this verification-done for hardy. No description available for message- modules- 2.

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So hardware or EEPROM layouts can share certain characteristics and the same code can be reused through different hardware families. No summary available for linux-source No summary available for acpi-modules See full atheeros log. No description available for linux-doc No summary available for linux-doc The previously reported bugs now linked as duplicates cover also various hardware and software configurations.

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I was able to reproduce this issue with a previous hardy kernel, 2. No description available for linux-headers- 2. The setfont 8 man page mentions that only 8 instead of 16 can be displayed if a font has more than glyphs.


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Well Ar8201 have not double checked every single character with a Unicode table. No description available for fat-modules- 2. One issue I did notice is that the screen blanking due to inactivity doesn’t end up applying to the characters with the brightness bit set; however, I’ve verified this also happens with the unpatched kernel, so it’s not a regression introduced here ah, that’s bug When not possible lack of resources mainly we do try to work with the community to see if this can be done through side community work, and only if not possible at all do we release firmware as binary with a linyx standard redistributable license.

Simply said, as you can only encode values into a byte, you are missing a bit for character fonts. Stefan Bader smb wrote on Sidebar Users main page. Committed to Jaunty target 2.

It is impossible to work with translated programs eg midnight commander and to work with Russian filenames. Any explanation for this?


uboot-imx atheros PHY driver config question?

Its looks like characters on intrepid- random- pixel-range. No description available for crypto- modules- 2. This patch was included in the first Karmic upload. No description available for fb-modules- 2. Binary packages built by this source acpi-modules The problem is already mentioned in https: No description available for kernel- image No summary available for efi-modules No summary available for linux-headers Fix sent athheros upstream accepted into -mm Testcase: This is why I report the bug to the kernel instead of to console-setup, if feels that console-setup should not cause random pixel “characters” But of course the bug could really be somewhere else.